I've read that poor sleep causes circles under one's eyes.

Also, I've read that they are caused by dehydration.

Is it safe to assume that the way poor sleep causes the circles is by causing dehydration?

If so, how does it happen: why does poor sleep cause dehydration, and why does dehydration cause circles under one's eyes?

If not, then how does poor sleep cause circles under one's eyes?

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    Welcome to Health.SE! Can you provide some details to where you read that circles under the eyes are caused by dehydration? – Chris Rogers Aug 4 at 8:10
  • Poor sleep does not likely cause dehydration - I can't see any logical mechanism here. Dehydration unlikely causes circles under the eyes, because in dehydration there is less water under the skin. But people who skip the sleeping often have some typical swelling around the eyes. – Jan Aug 4 at 10:41
  • @Jan Is this improving the question or answering in comments? ;) – LangLangC Aug 4 at 14:02
  • I tried to exclude dehydration from this equasion, so anyone willing to answer can focus directly on poor sleep - eye circles relationship. I can't provide an answer with good references, so only this from me. – Jan Aug 4 at 14:19

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