I have been waking up in the morning at 5am. This is a very good thing because it allows me to get to work early and have a productive day in general. My problem, however, is feeling exhausted. I wake up really tired that I just wanna go back to sleep again. Can somebody advice me on how to wake up early and not feel exhausted just like I would do if I would wanna wake up naturally. Thank you very much for all your help in advance.

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It is very important to note here that at what time you are going to sleep. As you are waking up early in the morning So, it is also equally necessary that you should sleep early too. For an adult human being 6hrs sleep is a must for the daily normal functioning of the body without any dizziness. This time limit also varies sometimes according to your body need. So, try to go to the bed early so that you can wake up early. Best time for having a sound sleep is considered to be between 10pm and 4 am. Alongwith it, morning exercise and yoga will help you a lot to keep yourself energetic and active the whole day. Drinking plenty of water is also a very important factor in it.

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