I am having wisdom teeth growing from 2012-13, Sometime I have pain in my mouth and later everything become normal.

It's look like I am getting my last teeth on both side, On my right side it's have a space where food stuck, nothing can go there so it's store the food there and I didn't even know about it.

Some days ago I start chewing gum and find that every time I put chew gum on my teeth (which have space in gums) it's make my mouth bad.

I think it's small thing but I found it's making a very bad small. I bought listerin and change my toothbrush at same time (because that night I clean my teeth and I can smell that bad thing). I suddenly see that I got some space between last 2 teeth.

Now It doesn's small so bad and I eat chew gum, look everything normal, I have some swollen gums which I am sure may recover in few days.

Someone please explain me what is the best I can do for wisdom teeth, Like condition like this, I am wondering if my teeth become bad one day.

As condition like this, what I can do to cure the teeth which have space but brush, floss or nothing can go there. This thing make trouble when they grow and have more space ( make my mouth bad smell for few days).

Someone please help me on how I should care about these wisdom teeth.

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